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Making primitive huts and tools from scratch using only natural materials in the wild.I also have this blog: (I ha...
Primitive Technology: Forge Blower - YouTube
29 Jul 2016 ... I invented the Bow Blower, a combination of the bow drill and forge blower to make a device that can force air into a fire while being easy to construct from commonly occurring natural materials using only primitive technology.
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Primitive Technology: Grass hut - YouTube
3 Jul 2016 ... I built this grass hut up on a ridge. It's roughly parallel with the tiled hut and wattle and daub hut that are a couple of hundred meters away down in a val...
Top 3 Nano Technology - YouTube
24 Nov 2015 ... Thank You for watching, Please like and subscribe for more videos. Ultra Ever dry Spray-on clothing Liquipel.
Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut - YouTube
4 Sep 2015 ... I built this tiled roof hut in the bush using only primitive tools and materials. The tools I used have been made in my previous videos. It should be pointed out that I do not live in the wild and that this is just a hobby. It should be ...
Primitive Technology: Sweet potato patch - YouTube
20 May 2016 ... I built a fenced enclosure and cultivated sweet potatoes (from civilisation) and yams (from the wild) in it. I originally had a small 3X3 m garden behind the wattle and daub hut that already had some sweet potato and yam vines ...
8 Dec 2015 ... Israel latest technology 2015 the best military in the world IDF SUBSCRIBE to see more of Israel and there technology.
Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber - YouTube
29 Apr 2016 ... Woven Bark Fibre I made a rough type of textile from bark fibre. This is the same tree I use for making cordage though I don't know its name. It has been rai...
Primitive Technology: Barrel Tiled Shed - YouTube
16 Sep 2016 ... I built a tiled roof shed to provide a fire and rain proof shelter for working on projects during wet weather and for storing firewood. The shed houses the v...